Q. Is it going to be expensive? Will I have to buy a ton of supplements and pricey organic food?

A. During our free consult call, I’ll be able to better assess your needs and offer you appropriate packages and cost information. I’ve found that the majority of my clients were overspending and over-supplementing with poor quality supplements that were doing more harm than good.  

I do encourage my clients to eat mostly organic foods, but as they start changing their diet and habits, they realize that they can afford to eat mostly organic whole foods because they stop spending on foods that cost more in the long run. There are many strategies that I can develop and help you implement to save money and time prepping food.

Q. Am I going to have to give up my favorite foods?

A. That depends on what your favorite foods are. I believe in making change slowly—each client requires a different pace. I can provide you with easy and delicious recipes and can adapt/recommend substitutions to some of your recipes. It is important to note that eating well—nutrient-dense, whole and unprocessed foods—means eating delicious foods, foods that you’ll enjoy. The meal plans and recommendations that I make to my clients are tailored to their particular likes and needs. In order to succeed and make lifelong changes, it is critical to love and enjoy the food that you eat.

Q. What happens if I slip up?

A. Slip ups are part of the journey and should be perceived as lessons learned. Making lifelong changes takes time, and I can hold your hand during the process. As you experience a shift in your awareness of “what, when, where, and why to eat” and as you become empowered with knowledge and start feeling better, “slip ups” become a thing of the past. Interestingly, if you give your body what it needs, cravings and hunger pains will disappear. And did you know that oftentimes a particular craving could be indicative of a food allergy…?

Q. How long will it take for me to see or feel results?

A. Again, each person is different and it all depends on your situation. Sometimes a result may be felt within a day, and sometimes it could take months or even years. One cannot undo a lifetime of damage with a snap of the fingers. But if you want to avoid taking any or many medications and want to thrive even in the later years of your life, effecting the positive changes in your diet and lifestyle now will make all the difference. It is never too late to start making changes. 

Q. How often do we meet?

A.  It will depend on your particular needs, goals, and situation. We can discuss options during our initial free consultation